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When we first moved into this house and i saw the mostly finished basement, i had high expectations for it. I really wanted a dedicated Home Theater / Game room, and now i finally have it, complete with:

Large Hi-Def Display for movies and gaming. Stadium Style seating, Arcade machine, and dart board. See pics below.

  Here is my A/V Rack. There is a big wire mess behind it. The screen size is approx. 71" (4:3) or 65" (16:9). The image gets washed out when taking pics, so i didn't bother.   Here you can see the stadium style seating, I built a platform for the second couch to sit on, it is really nice for movies. The projector is an Infocus X1, seen ceiling mounted. Also the arcade machine in the corner.
  Here is my Onkyo HT-R520 Receiver, Playstation 2, Modded Xbox, and Samsung HD-841 DVD player, flashed with a modified firmware to play Divx movies and upconvert to hi-def over the Component video outputs. It also plays DVD-Audio and SACDs.   Here is my Pelican System Selector Pro, Gamecube, Xbox360, and Dish receiver...The system selector will soon get replaced with a Psyclone Source Selector, since it has a remote control.
  Here are my video games, only from Dreamcast-Current..the rest are in the attic. As you can see, the xbox is my favorite console.   Here is my DVD/CD collection, all of the TV box sets on DVD are in the other room. You can also see my front-right speaker.
  Here is my electronic dartboard. My wife and I play this quite frequently, someday i'd like to get a better one.   Here is our Guitar Hero controller, i put up some brakets so we could hang it on the wall. My wife will tell you this is hers, but I use it more.
  This is my modded xbox, the center peice of my system. It is a Halo edition xbox, with an Xecuter 3 chip, 250gb hd, X3 control panel w/LCD, power on/off via IR remote. Used mainly for XBMC, but also alot of gaming.   This is my binary led clock. My wife bought this for me, she has accepted the fact that i am a big geek.(in case you are wondering, it is 12:56 and 47sec in that pic)
  Here is my obsession lately, my arcade machine. I have put alot of time into this project (just ask my wife) but it is very rewarding. There are many more pics on the Arcade page of my site   Here is a better shot of the control panel, there are 2 8-way joysticks, 6 buttons per player. one 4-way balltop joystick, a 3" wico trackball, and a homemade spinner for arkanoid and similar games. There are also pinball buttons and a plunger control for playing visual pinball.