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Below are a series of photos to show how my arcade cabinet progressed from just a PC sitting on my bar, to the functional arcade cabinet that it is today, it isn't done yet, but from what i have will never really be done.

  Before the Cabinet   Original Cabinet
  It all started one day when i decided to put my x-arcade controller to good use and build a MAME PC for in the basement...   After a while, I needed a real arcade cabinet, so I called around and found this one for $20, monitor was burnt badly and the game board had been removed
  This is the original control panel, I found the missing trackball lying in the coin bin, it didn't roll very well. This panel has to go.   I mounted the PC and monitor in the cabinet, and made a quickie marquee from posterboard and a translucent plastic folder.
  I made a new marquee from black posterboard, as well as a bezel, I used electrical tape on the edges of the monitor housing. I attaced pieces of wood to set the X-Arcade controller on.   There was already a hole here on the top so I used an extra arcade button and wired it up as the PC power button. That way I can just press this button to boot up, and it is out of the way so it doesnt get bumped..
  I gutted the X-Arcade controller because it was too crowded, i used a scrap piece of very thin wood to make a trial control panel, it sucked really bad.   I decided that the panel needed to be wider, so I would have to cut out part of the side of the cabinet, i marked it with tape. I also installed a 19" LCD monitor. (thanks Dave)
  I finally got brave and started cutting, I made a huge mess, but i was very happy with the way it turned out.   I also wanted a Dreamcast in my cabinet (for Ikaruge and Soul Calibur). I build a small shelf inside the coin door for easy game changes.
  I mounted the Motherboard right to the inside of the cabinet, Ii didn't just want a PC case flopping around inside when I move the cabinet .   I used the metal housing from the arcade monitor to make a monitor shelf for my LCD, there were holes in it already, so I mounted my drives to this for easy rear access.
  Here is a shot in from the rear showing my horrible wiring mess, I'll clean this up some day (yeah right).   This is the start of my new control panel, just a basic wooden box with some braces. I forgot to document it, but I later paint this black.
  Here is my new panel once it was cut and drilled...ready for buttons and sticks.   I also made a separate panel for the trackball and misc dreamcast and audo controls, here is a shot of the bottom, cut out so i can flush mount some of these controls.
  Here is the trackball panel from the top, im not sure what the red stuff is, it is like plexiglass, but not transparent, about 1/8" inch thick. It worked great.   Here is the panel with most of the stuff mounted in it. a button for the KVM switch, dreamcast power switch, serial port switch for the X-Arcade, trackball, and volume knob.
  Here is the cabinet with the new control panel mounted. I added pinball buttons to the sides and a custom made pinball plunger on the front-right side. I also installed flip-down cup holders on each side.   The control panel and bare cabinet edges have been painted. On the screen is CP Viewer which launches to display the controls whenever you launch a game.
  Here is a screenshot of Soul Calibur in action (Dreamcast)..this game rocks, and works very well with the controls. With the extra controls i put on the trackball panel, i can switch between PC and Dreamcast play all from the control panel.   Here is a shot of the cabinet before the latest modifications. Coin mechs are modified to accept quarter-sized steel washers that i use for tokens. Marquee background has been painted black which makes it look better. Keyboard tray slides out under control panel.
  Here is a good of the control panel, it isnt perfect, but i am happy with how it turned out. The 4-way stick works so much better for pacman. You can also see the custom frontend i use. It is a program called Mala, The PC boots right up to MALA as shell, it never loads the windows desktop. I created the artwork for it using Bryce 5 and Photoshop.   Here is a side shot of the new control panel, blue plastic diamond plate was used to cover the panel I moved the mouse buttons to the ends of the panel (black button) order to keep the panel as clutter-free as possible.


  Here is a pic of the new speaker grills. When i started, this cabinet only had mono sound, that had to change. I used some car speakers powered from a set of pc speaker amp. There is a subwoofer located behind the marquee. Those PC fan grills make nice cheap speaker grills.   Here is a shot from behind, notice how much neater everything looks compared to the earlier shot. Moving the monitor forward created alot of spare room to mount everything.
  Here is the cabinet in it's current form. Monitor has been moved forward,new bezel and plexi installed. new control panel has been built. 4way joystick and spinner were added. Coin door lock was also installed.   The cabinet is also set up to play PC games, SNES, and Visual Pinball. Here is a screenshot of me being blown up trying to play GridWars and take a pic at the same time.